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BSS Audio Soundweb OMNI

Open Architecture Digital Signal Processors, I/O Expansion Devices and AVX Software

HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, lighting, video and control systems, announced its new BSS Soundweb OMNI Series ‐ the next generation in open architecture digital signal processing.

HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, lighting, video and control systems, announced its new BSS Soundweb OMNI Series ‐ the next generation in open architecture digital signal processing.

Featuring the most powerful processor ever from BSS, Soundweb OMNI caters to the diverse needs of hospitality, large venues, corporate, education and government installations. The Soundweb OMNI family combines enterprise‐grade processors, flexible I/O expanders, Dante/AES67 networked audio, an onboard scripting developed by AMX, and a vast library of processing objects, including media playback, AEC, VoIP, and more.


The platform is seamlessly managed through AVX Architect and AVX Control, an all‐new software suite, built from the ground up to support the latest installed products from HARMAN Professional starting with BSS Soundweb OMNI, ushering in a new era of installed AV software at HARMAN.

Soundweb OMNI is designed to meet the specific requirements of AV system designers, integrators, and end users, while removing the pain points often found in traditional system design. It combines purpose‐built hardware with intuitive software that offers the flexibility of centralized or distributed DSP, allowing system designers to choose the appropriate topology for any installation.

BSS’s commitment to supporting control system programmers is reinforced through the introduction of HControl, a human‐readable, standards‐based, and developer‐ friendly API.

Soundweb OMNI also supports both 48kHz and 96kHz processing, exemplifying BSS’s commitment to audio fidelity.

Soundweb OMNI features two flagship processing devices, the 512p and 256p, which deliver exceptional DSP power and high Dante/AES67 channel counts, up to 512x512 at 96kHz. This surpasses previous generations and positions Soundweb OMNI to effortlessly meet today's complex demands while remaining future‐ready for tomorrow’s AV/IT needs.

Soundweb OMNI also offers two I/O expansion devices, the 32e and 16e, which provide unparalleled I/O flexibility. Each audio I/O port is “format configurable” as either analog or stereo AES3 digital. Furthermore, certain audio I/O ports and all GPIO ports are “direction configurable” as either inputs or outputs ‐ all easily managed through software on an individual port basis.

The AVX software suite streamlines the configuration, control, and monitoring of Soundweb OMNI systems through two user‐friendly applications. AVX Architect is a desktop software app for system diagramming, device configuration, network management, and custom UI design. AVX Architect allows users to add an unlimited number of processors and expanders to a single project file, while still enjoying the simplicity of a true, single canvas for device configuration.

AVX Control is a lightweight software app, which provides easy access to custom UIs for controlling and monitoring devices across a multitude of platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android, and AMX Varia touch panels. These custom UIs work not only with Soundweb OMNI devices, but also Crown DCi amplifiers and previous generation Soundweb London devices, thanks to protocol‐bridging technology developed by AMX.

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