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Ayrton’s Cobra takes center stage on Quevedo's tour

Quevedo's 'DQE Donde quiero estar' tour has transformed into a visually stunning spectacle, thanks to the inclusion of 30 Ayrton Cobra. Designed by Oscar Marchena, the tour encompasses two formats: a traditional setup and a 360º experience, allowing the lighting fixtures to shine at their fullest potential on stage.

During the shows in the traditional format, a substantial number of Ayrton fixtures supplied by USE Sonido rental company, were employed. A set of 34 Cobra fixtures illuminated the stage backdrop, enabling Oscar to unleash his creativity. He remarked, ‘The versatility of the Cobras, combined with the prism and Beam mode, allowed us to create a wide variety of effects.’ Weighing just 33kg, Ayrton's laser‐ sourced Cobra fixtures, distributed in Spain by Stonex, are exceptionally versatile luminaires equipped with twelve rotating gobos, 80 fixed gobos, two Frost filters at different levels, an animation wheel, and limitless pan and tilt functions, allowing the designer to turn any idea into reality. 'Most of our shows were presented in a traditional format, with a standard stage, and in those cases, the Cobras truly shone.’

In the two 360º shows, 28 Cobras were used to transform the stage into a dazzling display of lights and effects.

With a square central stage suspended beneath impressive LED screens, the Cobras filled the space with beams and aerial effects that synchronized seamlessly with the visuals on the screens. Thanks to the CMY mixing, colour correction, and progressive CTO, Quevedo's tour was filled with vibrant moments, complemented by 26 additional colour filters.

Some of the fixtures were positioned on the ground around the stage, creating the effect of towering vertical walls with sharp, defined beams, thanks to their zoom function in Beam mode. The Cobras did not lose their impact even in open spaces.

Ayrton's Cobras boast an IP65 rating, making them not only versatile and capable of exceptional definition but also low‐ maintenance and suitable for operation in various environments. This makes them the perfect choice for tours and rental companies.

Photo © USE Sonido


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