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Ayrton and FACE party at Zillion premiere

The film ‘Zillion’, is a ‘warts‐and‐all’ account of the notoriously decadent club in Antwerp, Belgium that became ‘the’ place to be in the late ’90’s. Created by Frank Verstraeten, Zillion included all the things Verstraeten felt other clubs lacked, particularly in the visual element. Using the most technologically advanced fixtures of the time, his club boasted moving lights, atmospheric lighting FX and elements of a budding AV phenomena. The ingenuity and innovation of the original driving concept at Zillion has found a soulmate in the creativity at the heart of Ayrton lighting products. As the owner of the rental company Pixelbeam, Verstraeten now has a big fleet of Ayrton fixtures from which he supplied 250 fixtures to The Creative Factory (T.C.F.) to get creative with on a series of parties that accompanied the film’s release. Robbie Boone from FACE, Ayrton’s exclusive Belgian distributor, describesthe after‐party layoutat Waagnatie, “The scene was set on entry with Zillion eye‐catchers, video clips from the film, and a Ferrari as a central feature in the foyer representing Frank’s decadent lifestyle.” 24 MagicPanel 602 and NandoBeam S3 fixtures lit the Ferrari echoing the ’90’s look. Alongside 60 Cobra were 26 Perseo Beams, 62 MagicDot R, 38 Zonbda 9 FX, 40 Domino LT (Long Throw) upwardly projecting from the front of the stage to create fan shapes either side of the DJ booth plus another cluster of Domino LT was sited on top of the drinks’ bars for those brighter‐than‐bright aerial effects and gobo look. Ayrton is distributed exclusively in Belgium by FACE.

Photo © Frank Lambrechts of Picturesk


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