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YESTECH witnesses "the Moment of Glory" in Beijing Winter Olympic Games

As worldwide sport event, ninety‐one countries joined in Beijing 2022. Three competition zones are set up in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhang Jiakou, and the games lasted 19 days and emerged 109 gold medals.

The LED display screens used in Beijing Medals Plaza, Yanqing Medals Plaza and Shougang Olympic Torch Relay Event, which are jointly produced by YESTECH and HUAO Media, cover a total area of 3000 square meters.

Professional display equipment fully guarantees the visual effects of the Beijing Winter Olympics awards stage.

YESTECH Provides LED Display for Beijing 2022

YESTECH always strictly controls the quality of LED display screens, and won the highly trust of the organizer. With its ace products of more than 30 original patented technology, it has once again become the "star" of LED display screens on the sports arena, witnessing every splendid and honorable moment of the Winter Olympic athletes.

YESTECH’s ace product Magic Stage series used in Beijing Medals Plaza, Yanqing Medals Plaza and Shougang Olympic Torch Relay Event. The LED display screen of the Bird's Nest Medals Plaza is perfectly integrated with the stage shape, presenting a very creative semi‐circular shape and forming a beautiful scenery; The LED display screen of Yanqing Medals Plaza are spliced seamlessly to forms an irregular curved large screen, like a pair of vivid and vital wings waiting to fly.

MG series with Excellent Quality

As worldwide events, the Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics have very high requirements for LED application products about product stability, reliability and weather resistance.

MG series adopts low temperature resistance raw materials and equipment, which means it has strong environmental adaptability. The cabinet adopts patented polymer nanotechnology materials, which has both the toughness of polymer

materials and the firmness of metals, meanwhile it provides multi‐protections to improve low temperature resistance. After strict

low temperature aging test, MG series can efficiently cope with the low temperature environment at the Winter Olympics.

In addition, the upgraded products of MG series improved their techniques to ensure a better anti‐collision performance; the thrust of LEDs has been increased from 40N to 100N, and bearing capacity has increased from

2.6 tons to 4.6 tons to guarantee higher safety. All these improvements spare no effort to ensure the display tasks of high protection and high stability on the large screen of the Winter Olympics.

By optimizing the process, the contrast is higher, up to 10000:1. Combined with the high refresh and high gray output performance, the products from YESTECH can fully meet the high standard requirements of major event scene picture presentation, viewing experience and video shooting.

Shougang Olympic Torch Relay Event

Yanqing Medals Plaza

MG series supported Beijing 2022 to attract the world’s attention with international standard display visual effect. Through continuous cost optimization, MG series upgraded products have more competitive advantages in the high‐end rental market.

Show "China intelligent manufacturing" to the World

YESTECH has appeared in many international events in many countries around the world, and has been deeply involved in the field of sports events for many years. This is another time for YESTECH on the stage of Olympic events after the London Olympic Games, Sochi Winter Olympic Games and Rio Olympic Games. YESTECH has rich application experience in stage, high‐ end conference display, commercial display and many other fields, and its sales network covers more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

At the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, YESTECH not only appeared on the two major award stages, but also created a large screen that is very similar to the Olympic torch for the Shougang Torch Relay Event, to witness the torch bearer passing the Olympic torch, highlight Chinese cultural characteristics. YESTECH made every effort to ensure the smooth operation and wonderful performance of the LED display at the Winter Olympics, fully embodied the strength of Chinese screen enterprises, and shows more possibilities for the future of LED display.


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