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Dynamic Brilliance, Immersive Vision

YES TECH, a professional LED display manufacturer, introduces the MT Series, the universal transparent screen and the MU Series offers unparalleled versatility and efficiency, solidifying our pursuit to LED display industry.

MU Series

Designed with large‐ scale LED applications, the MU Series is available in two cabinet sizes, 500 x 500mm and 500 x 1000mm, with a thickness of just 72.5mm. The MU series is the pro of universal and efficient, making it the premier choice for rapid installation in rental and staging scenarios.

Unique Design for More Universality

The key to the adaptability of MU series is its cost‐ effective platform design. Different

modules with different pixel pitches can be used on one frame within the same series,

thereby optimizing cost savings and augmenting flexibility. Moreover, seamless integration with the MG9, MG10, and MG Creative‐Extended Series enhances its adaptability to diverse needs.

Efficiency Reinforced

In terms of efficiency, the MU Series is equipped with an auto‐eject system that allows for the rapid disassembly of the power box in 5 seconds, saving time during maintenance and repairs.

The hanging locks equipped inside facilitate easy connection between cabinets, coupling with the big handle for better installation. The 500*500mm MU cabinet is lightweight for transportation and simple one‐man installation. It also includes 500*1000mm cabinet for the fast efficient building of large‐scale screens.

The two different sizes of the cabinets support up and down dislocation to further enhance the adaptability.

With stability assured, creativity can flow. MU series can realize curve capability, able to support ±7.5° ( ±15° is optional) adjustable curves to build a variety of shapes and more ayrton diable and mistral stage.

MT Series

The MT Series cabinets are lightweight and slim with the pixel pitch H3.9‐V7.8. With a transparency of more than 40%, high refresh rate of 3840hz and high brightness of 4500cd/m², which offers more vivid and more three‐dimensional visual experience.

Equipped with one‐click button to change to transparent or non‐ transparent one for indoor & outdoor use, which is optional. It also supports front and rear maintenance and adopts magnetic/screw to fix which makes the front maintenance more convenient.

The integrated design of control box greatly improves the efficiency of installation and maintenance.

MT Series supports 90° right‐angle splicing, which can realize square column design. Equipped with a high‐ precision arc lock, easily realized with ±10°inner and outer arcs, with more shapes and wider applications.

Moreover, the protection level reaches IP65, which effectively protects the screen from environmental damage. It is also anti‐corrosion, moisture‐proof,

waterproof and the structure is sturdy and suitable for various indoor and outdoor scenes.

With a focus on research and development, YES TECH will continue to innovate, improve, and deliver exceptional products that meet the needs and preferences of the customers in the future.

Click this link for more information at www.yes‐


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