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Yajiang theatrical fixtures support the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games!

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are in full swing. At the heart of Media center, the Beijing sports news announcement hall can hold around 11,600 reporters from all over the world allowing them to register, interview, rebroadcast, etc. Thus, the hall requires very stable and high quality lighting fixtures for a long time operation up to two weeks.

Once again, the range of theatrical fixtures from Yajiang have been chosen to light up the Media hall, and in doing so, they gained unanimous praise.

AuroLITE 80 has a high CRI>93, stable performance, works perfectly for the media. With low dazzle light and far projection distance in a compact body, this fixture uses light to enhance the architecture better.

PLANO SDO MK2 and PLANO 8X are able to deliver high brightness from its low power SMD LED chip which uses a curve spotlight optic construction (international patent).

Ensuring a high effect output, these fixtures help to reduce the glare in lighting effects. Using high quality black‐body radiation white light (3200K, 5600K optional), with high CRI RA:95, and high color rendition help make the objective much more natural and real.

Frezno ze‐2HD completely focuses around its by fresnel lens, and giving the light that is much softer, more uniform, and shows the perspective of people. The efficient cooling system ensure the fixture runs economically, while it’s 35dB low operating noise allows the conversations to be heard without noise interference in the hall.

Technology creates "intelligent winter Olympics", and with elegant light, we cheer up for this amazing Ice and snow festival.

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