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Way Audio deploys NEXO STM and GEO Mat Olympic Stadium K‐POP concert

Now in its 28th year, South Korea’s Dream Concert is the country’s longest established and largest K‐POP festival. Featuring performances from more than 20 K‐POP idols, 60,000 tickets were sold in just 20 minutes for this year’s event which took place on June 18th/19th at the Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium in Seoul, with a NEXO STM sound system supplied by local rental partners Way Audio.

Originally built for the Summer Olympics in 1988, the stadium has a field size of 110m x 75m with a seating capacity of almost 70,000 in 2 tiers and has previously been the venue for concerts by Coldplay, Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga and Metallica.

To achieve even SPL and frequency coverage in the stadium, Way Audio designed and deployed a system using side by side hangs of 21 each STM M46 Main and B112 Bass Extension modules on either side of the stage, throwing a distance of 180 meters.

Separate hangs of 12 x STM M28 Omni Modules were used as delay towers, with 12 NEXO GEO M12 arrays as out fills throwing 140 meters. Twenty S118 subs per side were deployed in omni mode, with additional

M28 modules used as front fills.

“Even over such long distances, the HF clarity from the NEXO STM and GEO M systems was very impressive” commented Jordan Lee, Chief System Engineer at Way Audio. Speaking on behalf of SBS Broadcasting, the production company responsible for organising the event, Ki‐Hong Jeong, Main PD, said “We have held many K‐Pop events with Way Audio for very long time. Among them, Dream Concert is the largest K‐Pop event. I think that NEXO STM, Way Audio’s main speaker, is a great sound system because it can deliver clear music and songs even to a distant audience, thanks to the sound that always fills the venue and clear HF sound.”



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