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UWA propels STEM education and collaborative learning with AMX and JBL Professional

The University of Western Australia (UWA) recently partnered with 3D Audio Visual and HARMAN Professional Solutions to outfit its new EZONE UWA Student Hub facility with a full array of state‐of‐the‐art networked audio solutions.

Located on University of Western Australia’s Perth campus, EZONE is a new learning space dedicated to the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). To transform the way these fields are taught, UWA created EZONE to be a world‐class education hub that allows students, alumni and industry experts to participate in a variety of conferences, panels, seminars, lectures and question‐answer sessions. To provide participants with the best possible experience, UWA required state‐of‐the‐art AV systems to support a wide range of activities and events. In order to ensure world‐class sound quality, UWA hired 3D Audio Visual

to design and install complete HARMAN networked AV systems using solutions by JBL, AMX, BSS and more. “We wanted a hi‐tech space that incorporated spaces for conferences, theater and collaboration across the EZONE—to connect the engineering rooms that students used for group study and research, and to create this unique space for students and teachers to collaborate and learn,” said Clifton Newton, Audio Visual Manager, University of Western Australia. We are delighted with the HARMAN system provided by 3D Audio Visual. The entire system offers great flexibility for the future, if and when we decide to expand.

3D Audio Visual has created comfortable study areas for the students, which is increasingly important following the COVID‐19 pandemic.” 3D Audio Visual installed JBL Control 65P/T/BL pendant speakers to deliver clear and consistent audio coverage throughout the EZONE. The team chose to power all JBL speakers using Crown DCi 8|300N high‐ performance amplifiers with cutting‐ edge OMNIDRIVE technology. AMX MD‐702 touch panels provide flexible routing and easy volume control across different zones. Additionally, 3D Audio Visual outfitted the EZONE with AMX SVSi encoders and decoders, NX‐1200 controllers and BSS BLU‐806 signal processors ensure seamless control and uninterrupted delivery of audio and video over any network segment or link. Because the building is made mostly of glass, the team utilized AMX MSA‐MMK‐07‐7 glass mounting kits in combination with Modero G5 wall mount touch panels.

To further enhance speech intelligibility and visual communication during conference calls, the team installed AMX Acendo Vibe ACV‐5100BL conferencing soundbars.

“The main challenge was connecting the two buildings together with technology,” said Ian Wornes, Technical Manager, 3D Audio Visual. “Linking the new building with the old building was difficult because of differences in the architecture and renovations. To overcome these challenges and ensure consistent sound quality throughout the facility, we integrated JBL Control pendant speakers and AMX networked AV solutions. The entire system provides great flexibility and ensures a seamless audio and video conferencing environment.”

“With its new EZONE, the University of Western Australia wanted to create interactive remote learning spaces,” said G. Amar Subash, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “This goal could only be met by implementing state‐of‐the‐art networked AV systems. We thank 3D Audio Visual for their use of HARMAN

solutions to overcome the architectural challenges and ensure customer satisfaction.”


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