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Unilumin Metasight highlighted its debut in Dubai IME 2023

The Integrate Middle East audiovisual integration equipment and technology exhibition in Dubai is the world's leading forum for the exchange of professional AV and media technology. IME 2023, which concluded last week, has attracted more than 14,000 industry insiders from over 50 countries.

Unilumin, made a pose once again on the international stage with its innovative LED achievements and integrated solutions such as Micro LED, Smart Pole, etc.!

[0.4/0.9 4K Large Screens]

The world of vision opens up before us

When it comes to the current "Perfect Combination" of the LED industry, there is nothing better than "Micro LED display technology + COB packaging technology". High contrast, high visual softness, high protection, low failure… the combination of the two has obvious advantages, and as the industry chain matures, the COB market size has also increased significantly.

As the cutting‐edge series of COB products of Unilumin, the UMicro and UMiniIII Pro series meet the needs of mainstream small‐pitch applications from P0.4 to P1.5. The "Standby energy‐ saving, common cathode flip‐flop" design considers the needs of the times of green and low carbon as well as the economic benefits for customers.

The UMicro 0.4 (the smallest pitch LED display in the show) and UMiniIII 0.9 Pro products on display at the exhibition both have a resolution of 4K and apply patented technologies such as EBL+ (multi‐layer optical processing), with a contrast ratio of up to 30,000:1 and outstanding performance in terms of low reflection, low moiré, and super black backgrounds. The ultra‐clear and exquisite color has brought together of many industry insiders around it.

Another Unilumin 's small pitch product at the site represents the highest design level in the industry. It is the UpanelSII which has just won the iF Award, the "Oscar of Design".

This series of products are equipped with "5G bandwidth + self‐researched in‐depth energy‐saving technology". They are capable of faster data transmission and lower latency (within 1‐2 frames), and they can save up to 75% energy on black screen standby mode compared with conventional products. They consume less than 6kWh/20m² a night in sleep mode and reduce carbon emissions by 9000kg/20m2 annually.

In response to the pain point of complex maintenance and operation of general products, Unilumin UpanelSII series innovatively adopts a "contactless intelligent maintenance" design. We need only one bracelet to approach the module, and the module will be automatically ejected, and front side/back side maintenance is easily accomplished within 10s. Visitors can command at the site via their iPad end to enable the 3 large screens to be "linked".

[Transparent Display]

Creative, Diverse and Dynamic

Have you ever seen a crystal clear glass curtain wall turn into a 'dynamic' media display in a twinkling when you roam around a city landmark? You can find out this secret at Unilumin’s booth at the IME 2023 ‐ the UVS Series LED Transparent Displays.

As a side‐lighting product, UVS series has a light permeability of 82% so that it barely blocks the building's interior natural lighting and does not change the building's appearance. It can be installed in a large area or used as a show window for close viewing, and its high refresh and high brightness display performance greatly improves people's viewing experience, making it an eye‐catching tool for commercial complexes.

[Multifunctional Smart Pole]

Metasight Era, Intelligent Interconnection

As the "nerve endings" of the sensing network system, multifunctional smart poles will become a representative industry in the future for intelligent and refined urban governance. The "integration of sensing devices" is one of the highlights of Unilumin multifunctional smart poles. All hardware modules of smart poles are expandable and can integrate smart lighting, 5G network, security monitoring, environmental monitoring, wireless WIFI, and other functions in one, completing the comprehensive sensing and integration of critical data streams and presenting them on the Unilumin LED display of the back‐end. Meanwhile, by relying on UniSmart self

‐developed smart pole management platform, these modules form a full set of "city skin", enabling lean management of the city.

“One‐screen overview, on‐screen management”, the multi‐pole, multi‐ functional smart poles and the matching Unilumin 5G smart city "Cloud + End" solution have been widely used in fields such as smart city, smart traffic, and municipal urban management, etc.

Wonderful things will come up continuously. Let’s stay tuned for what Unilumin will showcase next!


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