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The Olympic Spirit of NovaStar

NovaStar serves as the nominated supplier since 2008 Beijing Olympic games in the past 14 years. As for a global leading LED display solution provider, NovaStar continues to complete a successful and stunning project in the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic winter games.

NovaStar offers a nearly 15,000 ㎡ 8K floor screen and a 60m high “Icefall“ screen Giant "Snowflake" main torch (cauldron) screen equipped with AI, Naked‐Eye 3D, 5G and 8K technologies. NovaStar successfully created the world's largest, the most complex control system, and most reliable LED display feast.

Behind the ultimate visual experience, is the power of technology that created many world‐class innovations. NovaStar’s video server, video splicer, single‐port‐8K controller and more than 100,000 receiving cards have provided full link display solutions for the floor screen, ice screen, torch screen, outdoor 8K live screen and all LED displays. They also provided the world's largest LED display system with the most complex design, the most accurate operation and the most secure backup control system.

The whole floor screen adopts NovaStar’s full link display control solution. It is highly integrated with video splicing, processing and signal sending/receiving functions.

The high‐precision synchronous 8K images output and over 100‐million‐ pixel LED splicing/sending fusion display system. Achieved the controlling of large and irregular screens with only 16 splicers (8 main

+8 backup).

Meanwhile, the single‐port‐8K control technology has helped the opening ceremony become the first large‐scale application of 8K technology in the world. Live broadcast of the opening ceremony, coverage of the main competitions, and provided 8K control technology support for more than twenty 8K LED display giant screens in China. People can feel the ultra‐HD visual experience brought by the 8K live broadcast even if they’re not on site.

Each cabinet adopts the double receiving card backup design and has divided into four network ports, which are primary, secondary, primary loop and secondary loop. When the input of the primary network and port of the primary card is abnormal, the other three signals can be replaced in order of their priorities. The interfaces of the primary, secondary, primary loop and secondary loop of the receiving card are respectively connected to four controllers to realize the multi‐device‐ backup of the entire system.

There is a group of professionals behind every visual feast. The FAE (Field Assurance Technical Engineer) of the Olympic project, Jingfeng Chen says: “ The moment when I got the mission statement, I felt a great responsibility, until the closing of the Winter Paralympic Games, I felt that the task is finally completed. I belonged to the security team and stayed on site for six months. From the very beginning of the construction, our team entered the site to support, until the closing of the game, we only deliver our service.”

“With the closing of the Winter Paralympic Games, I felt relived cause this thing is finally finished, the stone in my heart put down. In the past six months, our R&D partners have been supporting us remotely at all times.

They even came to the site to support us whenever if necessary. This made me feel the values of NovaStar: always put the requests of our client first and always deliver professional service in a client‐centric way.”

“In the controller part, we also adopt the scenario redundancy design and redundant backup of primary and secondary input sources. The switching process of each channel supports seamless switching, to realize the smooth, safe and reliable operation of a large and complex display system.”

The people in NovaStar are the precious assets as pearls in the sea. Such significant and epoch‐making projects are still going on in NovaStar today. Meanwhile, NovaStar is one of the most trustworthy partners for the clients in the visual world as they offer reliable one stop solutions and cutting edge technologies as always.


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