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Soundfield calls on 150 CHAUVET Professional fixtures for W‐Festival and Sinners Day

What is space? What is time? As far as music is concerned, they can sometimes be no more than stepping stones to be traversed in the journey that connects artists and audiences. Such was the case recently when Motown legends The Jacksons stepped on the stage at the five‐day W‐Festival in this beach town. Contributing to the festive mood that made the distance and years melt away was dynamic and colourful light show designed by Benjamin De Maere and Soundfield that featured 150 CHAUVET Professional fixtures supplied by Soundfield, which also served as the technical producer of the event. “We brought in a system that was 95‐percent CHAUVET Professional for W‐Festival and Sinner’s Day, all from our rental stock,” said Patrick De Leeuw of Soundfield. “Mavericks were a big part of our system. We had 52 MK2 Profiles and 44 MK2 Washes, which gave us a great deal of versatility. They were joined by 10 Rogue R3 Washes, 14 STRIKE 4s, 18 STRIKE P38s and 12 COLORado Q40 fixtures. There was also a second stage that we lit with some Rogues.” Drawing on the versatility of these fixtures, the design team conjured up an array of vivid looks with distinct colour combinations set against evocative atmospherics, crossing beam patterns, aerial washes, and bold side lighting. Working hand‐in‐hand with the lighting were breakout video patterns created by Livecut and displayed on a wall supplied by Vidisquare.


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