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Skive Cultural Centre invests in Robe

Skive Kulturcenter (Cultural Centre) makes a stunning contemporary architectural statement and is a vibrant multipurpose entertainment hub in the city of Skive, that serves all the Jutland region with music, films, arts, and sports activities. Its main Concert Hall which stages international gigs and events accommodates 1200 (seated) and 1800(standing).

The complex also has three handball arenas, a swimming centre, a gym and a cinema hall for movies, and the Skive Theatre, a separate venue in the city, is also run by the same team.

The Kulturcenter is known for its state‐ of‐the‐art production facilities, and the complete building was further refurbished during the pandemic, including an investment in Robe moving lights which was integral to this project and saw the purchase of 10 x T2 Profiles, 12 x Tarrantula LED wash beams and 12 x LEDBeam 350 FWs, all for the Concert Hall. The fixtures were specified by technical production manager for concerts, Anders Holm, and delivered by Robe’s Danish distributor, Light Partner.

The lighting upgrade was designed to offer a fully flexible, modern rig that would work for any show without having to rent in additional overhead, explained Anders.

When assessing their options for the best luminaires, they already had experience with Robe with some LEDBeam 150s acquired for Skive Theatre with which they were very pleased, so much so that they wanted to continue with the brand for which they also enjoyed great service from Light Partner.

“We wanted lights that were new, powerful, relevant and reliable that would last us for at least 5 or 6 years ahead,” noted Anders. A mothergrid above the stage has a standard trim height of 8 metres, but it can fly out to 10 metres. The Tarrantulas arrived first and were a big hit with lighting designers at the end of 2021, and as the Concert Hall started cautiously reopening in line with the Covid restrictions at that time. The T2 Profiles joined them at the start of this year, followed by the LEDBeam 350 FWs for the Spring, just as things started properly ramping up to the very hectic schedules of the moment which include staging current shows as well as those cancelled during the pandemic … as everyone is so eager to get back to the live performance!

The LEDBeam 350s are used for front lighting – hence choosing the FW version which offers a Fresnel‐Wash type of beam for smoother edges and better colour homogenisation. With that, the big zoom and the excellent whites, they are ideal for the task!

The T2 Profiles are on the back and mid trusses for upstage lighting and effects. “The output is fantastic, and it has all the features we wanted including good shuttering. It was a perfect choice for this house!” stated Anders. The Tarrantulas are also on the mid stage trusses positioned for optimal stage coverage. They wanted an LED wash light with a big front lens look and efficient RGBW colour mixing. Anders is impressed with the continuity in colour matching between all the Robe fixture types.

Touring shows and LDs are loving the new lighting and currently there are at least 2 or 3 shows a week using the system, anything from a wide variety of different music concerts to interviews, debates, and chat show style discussions.

There is a ChamSys lighting console in house for the Concert Hall, and visiting productions will often bring their own control, together with a floor package of some description, and will hook into the house overhead system.

Photos © Louise Stickland and Anders Holmes


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