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Silver Star supports the original Zhejiang Art Dance Drama

March 15, is the title of the original dance drama from Zhejiang Art Vocational College was performed at Zhejiang Experimental Art Theater.

The dance drama is divided into four acts, tells the story of Xin Qiji determined to build a strong army, united the people to create an iron armor division, In the third year of Kaixi, As he was critically ill, he put on his armor for the last time and headed towards his lifelong journey of North Revolution.

The ups and downs of the plot, beautiful and graceful music, and distinctive character images perfectly drive the plot forward. With full enthusiasm and positive state, the actors integrated Xin Qiji's image of civil and military integrity into the Folk dance, make the audience to approach the Song Dynasty's rhyme culture with patriotism.

The lighting design is a very important part, it installed with Pluto 8000 WBX used 19*40W RGBL 4‐in‐1 LEDs, 30% brighter than RGBW and widely spectrum.

Preset color temperature range of 3200K and 5600K with high CRI 85, providing multifaceted assistance for the performance with unique and innovative mask effects and individual 3 section control, not only enhance the strong atmosphere, create different scenes and emotions, but also help actors better express their characters and emotions.

Amazing 17:1 zoom range, 3.5‐60º, up to 43460lux @5m at 3.5°brings full scene coverage, better and effectively guiding the audience's, highlighting characters and beautiful scenery, creating a strong visual effect to the audiences.

Innovational cooling system design for Pluto 8000 WBX, keep its high and stable performance, no any power drop even in power mode, ultra‐quite performance to create an immersive experience for the audience.


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