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Silver Star proves the outstanding lighting solution for culture center in Yanji City

On August 29, 2022, the Yanji City Cultural Center held the inauguration ceremony for the new building. The Cultural Center is located at No. 7721 Changbaishan West Road, Yanji City. It integrates cultural education, art training, intangible cultural heritage protection, public welfare performances, calligraphy, painting exhibitions and digital experience etc. There is a medium‐sized theater that can accommodate 439 people.

On 29th Aug, it is the 70th anniversary of the founding of Yanbian Korean Autonomous. To celebrate the anniversary, it has 11 national and traditional performance including dancing, musical instruments, singing.

In the evening, "Four Seasons Are Like Songs" was played in the theater. 11 programs including "Welcome to Yanbian", "My Motherland", the dance "Happy Drum Rhyme", "The Ballad of Bellflower" and "Song of the Sea" were play in the theater as well, feasting the eyes of the audience.

In order to ensure a good performance and present excellent visual effects for the audience, all lighting fixtures for this theater are from Silver Star. Hundreds of Silver Star Fresnels FREZNO 250 HEX and FREZNO 150HEX are installed there, they are with RGBALC 6 color LED source, can provide a full color spectrum, 48 popular and precise preset colors, lighting designers can pick up the colors in a simple and quick way.

Wide CCT range from 1800K to 10000K, super high CRI>95Ra, CQS>95, offer a truly high quality white lights for show. It is perfect lighting product for medium and large‐scale applications.


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