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Silver Star IP65 fixtures support Riyadh Season, the biggest event in KSA

The Riyadh Season, hosted by the General Directorate of Entertainment of KSA, is the largest event in the country’s history,coveringanareaofmorethan900,000squaremeters. From November 2022 to March 2023, more than 7,000 events will be held in the event area.

As one of the most spectacular events in the world, since the first event was held in 2019, it has been highly favored by visitors from all over the world since its launch in 2019. In 2019, Riyadh attracted 14 million visitors, nearly 16 million visitors in 2021, and 18 million visitors in 2022.

Riyadh Season covers the whole Riyadh city, the capital of KSA, the floor space is 1,400㎡, total 15 areas, over 100 shows, concerts and adventure activities around Riyadh, same as the previous carnival, every area has different subject events, such as Winter Wonderland, National Museum, Battle Village, Kronos, Avenue Quay, and will last around 5 months.

Silver Star Neptune super beam, Neptune 400 Wash, Neptune 400 Hybrid and Raytheon are used as lighting solution to light up the whole event area, and makes the tourists immersive, experience the wonderful lighting show.

After many times discussing, total 1420pcs fixtures from Silver Star are distributed in Zone 1 BLVD, 800pcs Raytheon light up the lagoon, 400pcs Neptune super beam just like the sharp sword through the sky, tourists can visit the light from any vision.

Based on different features of the light and the subject of the area, Lighting designers make the best use of the unique properties of fixtures to create a visual feast for the tourists. What a dreamy carnival it is!

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