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Show & Design Group (SDG) expands its lighting rental inventory

Show & Design Group (SDG) expands its lighting rental inventory with the acquisition of Ayrton Diablo S fixtures

Las Vegas‐based Show & Design Group (SDG) has made its first investment in Ayrton lighting fixtures with the purchase of 24 Diablo S units. ACT Entertainment is the exclusive distributor of Ayrton products in North America.

SDG offers live event production and lighting rentals; a complete trucking division, SDG Logistics, Inc., is targeted at expedited entertainment logistics. “The purchase of 24 Diablo S fixtures is our introduction to Ayrton, although we have been aware of the brand since they launched MagicPanels,” says Project Manager, Lew Aronoff. “Our core business is trade shows and corporate theatre, and we’ve seen Diablos become very prevalent in the cross‐rental market. Our B2B partners run short of 20K lumen fixtures on a regular basis, so we decided to invest in Diablos since we needed more fixtures of that size. Their size and weight‐to‐ output ratio really attracted us to the unit.”

Ayrton Diablo is a compact, versatile and feature‐rich 300W profile luminaire. Featuring an output of 19,000 lumens, framing shutters, rotating gobos and an iris, the Diablo is remarkably lightweight at just 48 pounds. “We expect our acquisition of Diablos will open us up to more live entertainment work, as well,” says Aronoff. “The current plan is to add about 100 Diablos to our inventory within the year. As we get into more markets that specify the use of particular fixtures we’re also considering adding Ayrton Perseo Beams, Huracans and the new laser‐ source Cobras.”

Aronoff expects SDG’s Diablos to make their debuts at several upcoming Washington, D.C. medical trade shows where the fixture type is always in demand. “We have a strong relationship with ACT and Eric Abad [in Western Regional Sales], who have been great about introducing us to Ayrton products,” Aronoff notes. “They’ve arranged a lot of demos for us and given us time to play with the fixtures.”


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