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Sennheiser hosts EW‐DX launch event for key renters and system integrators in Singapore

Sennheiser Electronic Asia is finishing the year strong with the launch of the new EW‐DX system. The event took place on 16 December at D.P.S @SAFRA and was attended by owners of rental companies, leading system integrators and AV managers of venues.

With the recent easing of Covid restrictions in the country, attendees wholly agreed that it was a fantastic feeling to meet and network in a physical group setting, not to mention to have actual hands on with the new products that were introduced and demoed during this event. EW‐DX is shared by both the Pro Audio and Business Communication segments for different applications, and the first EW‐DX devices are now available and ready to ship in some APAC markets such as Singapore and Japan.

Available products include the EW‐DX EM 2 two‐channel receiver, the handheld transmitter and thebodypack transmitter. The latter also comes in two versions, either with a special3‐pin mic connector or a 3.5 mm (1/8”) jack for mics or instrument cables. Convenient set packages are available, too, with further, higher frequency variants ready in Q1 2023, and more EW‐DX devices and software being added to the line in mid‐2023.

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