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Royal Opera House London chooses Artiste Picasso™ for FOH moving head solution

AVL WORLD NEWS Photo © Clive Barda – “Alice's Adventures Underground” The Royal Opera House in London has chosen Elation Professional’s Artiste Picasso™ as the prestigious performing arts venue’s new front‐of‐house moving head lighting solution. Technical solutions specialists White Light Ltd (WL) sold the fixtures to the venue. One category of luminaire that the technical team at ROH has had frequent requests for is a moving head in the front of house position. Simon Bennison, Lighting Associate/Deputy Head of Lighting at the Royal Opera House, explains: “As lighting demands have progressed, many European houses have integrated moving heads into their setups and we started to get increasing requests, particularly over recent years, for bright, flexible moving head fixtures in the FOH area. We have experimented with different units but run into perpetual issues of sightlines, lack of space and unit noise.”

After arranging an on‐site demo through Elation’s exclusive UK distributor, Entedi, ROH chose the unit for the “Agrippina” production based on its size, minimal ambient noise, high light quality and flexibility.

Cally Bacchus, Managing Director at Elation's distribution partner Entedi, states: “The team at the ROH is an elite group with exceptional technical knowledge, who maintain incredibly high standards at what is one of the most prestigious theatres in the UK. When they contacted us regarding the Elation units, we were very happy to arrange a demonstration, believing as we do that the Artiste Picasso product is fast becoming an industry standard LED moving light profile fixture.”


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