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ROE Visual wraps up NAB Show 2022

NAB Show has concluded its four‐day run on April 27th, at the Las Vegas Convention center in Las Vegas, NV. Happy to be back at the show, the ROE team was finally able to bring together an amazing booth that demonstrated a range of the company’s extraordinary LED panels. Powered by disguise, the booth design included elements of an xR stage which could be found in various broadcast and film applications. Specifically, the design included a large LED wall comprised of cinema‐grade Black Pearl BP2V2 panels. The wall was met with an immersive LED floor made of Black Marble BM4 tiles that created a stage for visitors to interact with.

Finally, to show how the stage could be used for virtual production, camera tracking technology was used in unison with a camera rig to display a hyper‐realistic background made to move with the subject. In addition to the smallscale virtual production stage, ROE Visual showcased its newest releases Opal and Graphite at the booth. The panels were hung on each side of the booth, giving attendees a 360‐degree view of each example installation. Two sizes of the Opal series were featured along with the sample frame used to install the indoor‐outdoor versatile panels.

Likewise, the Graphite panels demonstrated the lightweight construction while delivering breathtaking graphics.


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