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ROE Visual Black Pearl BP2V2 selected for virtual production studio in Australia

Deakin University and Dreamscreen have signed a landmark partnership agreement to significantly improve the nation’s film and entertainment industry. The university has put a large investment in ROE Visual Black Pearl panels and associated equipment from Technical Direction Company (TDC), which marks a coming advanced virtual production facility in Geelong, Australia.

With the rise of LED volumes worldwide, this new opportunity to achieve win‐win results for both parties brings further benefits to the local digital technology and creative industry. Equipped with ROE Visual Black Pearl BP2V2 tiles and the continuing reliable technical support by TDC, the new state

‐of‐the‐art virtual production studio in Geelong will lead forward in the Australian film market, being Australia’s largest university‐owned virtual production facility.

Forming a massive LED wall of 26m x 6m, the BP2V2 panels are ready to show their unrivaled in‐camera performance. BP2V2 performs perfectly for virtual production with its high frame rate, high fresh rate, and low scan lines, adding quicker and easier camera setup and handling. The excellent features make it ideal for TV and Film applications. Working together with ROE Visual LEDs on numerous occasions, Dreamscreen Australia featured Black Pearl BP2V2 panels out of trust and foresight. La Brea Season 1 was shot in front of a BP2V2 screen, creating an immersive digital environment in the shooting process.

Filmmaker and Dreamscreen Australia founder and chief executive Clayton Jacobson found virtual production as the inevitable culmination of film production and gaming technology. "Virtual production requires the close collaboration of many different filmmaking disciplines, both traditional and new, working closely together on stage to deliver breath‐taking real‐time effects." Mr. Jacobson continued, “We are dedicated to more creative productions with the latest techniques. And ROE Visual provides vital support in LED technology, offering an ideal display solution with stunning in‐ camera performance.”

Photos © Dreamscape Australia

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