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Robe TX1 PosiProfile™ - Bridging the divide between manual generic and fully automated fixtures

Bridging the divide between manual generic and fully automated fixtures, the TX1 PosiProfile™ combines both worlds into one revolutionary luminaire.

Designed to operate as a fully‐fledged moving head profile or as a static but repositionable profile, the unique TX1 PosiProfile™ allows positioning and operation within extremely confined spaces where crew access is problematic or movement options are severely limited or not required.

Usually, fixtures require pre‐use pan and tilt movement to calibrate to ensure accurate control when power cycling. Not so with the TX1! Via our new MAPS™ (Motionless Absolute Positioning System) patented technology, the luminaire remains motionless while calibrating, unlike all other fixtures that must at least move to their home position.

Using our Robe patented BARS™ (Brake Attribute Retention System) operated directly from your console, TX1 remains static due to its ability to lock motorised attributes, such as pan and tilt, zoom and focus, in place. The fixture remains there until they are released. Able to restrict movement before even installation via either the onboard QVGA display or from your console, you are protected against collision and accidental damage when TX1 is in extremely tight spaces. Fully functional, the TX1 maintains the full movement capabilities of a standard moving head profile, allowing it to operate as such. With a patented MSL‐TE™ 500W Multi‐ Spectral LED engine generating over 13.500‐lumen output, you have all the advantages of data harvesting, cost‐ effective engine change and longevity that TRANSFERABLE ENGINE technology delivers.

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