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Robe rocks at Nottingham Rock City

Legendary UK live music venue, Rock City in Nottingham, boosted its house lighting rig in October 2021 with a rig of 60 Robe moving lights, with extras supplied via rental and production company Zeal. Rock City’s lead project lighting designer Will Brown explained that with the post Covid re‐opening of live shows, they wanted to make a big impression, especially to make up for 2020 when everything had to be cancelled!

The 18 x Robe Pointes are owned by Rock City and were in residence before Will arrived 6 years ago. “They are a perfect fixture for us – fast, very

versatile, robust – and we use them ALL the time,” he stated, adding, “it’s hard to find another light of its class that can do as much as a Pointe!”

For ‘Freedom Week’, Rock City hired additional Robe Spikies to up the production values, and this was so successful that Will and the team decided to do it again, this time for Fresher’s Week with LEDBeam 150s. Forty‐eight of these small and powerful little fixtures were added . “A lot of smaller fixtures can go a long way, especially when they are as adaptable as the LEDBeam 150,” says Will. Twelve of the LEDBeam 150s were rigged on the front truss together with 6 x Pointes, with the rest attached to six vertical trussing towers, deployed on the stage during the changeover to fill the stage space for the club format. The balance of LEDBeam 150s were downstage on the floor for effect from multiple angles.

Lighting control is an Avolites Tiger Touch console with a wing, and there is more lighting including strobes, profile and wash moving lights, LED pixel tubes plus generics and some architectural fixtures around the room.

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