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Robe goes wild at the Zioux

Located in the heart of trendy Sandton, Johannesburg, Zioux is a fantastic fusion of cool, classic, and contemporary, a carefully curated cocktail of food, drinks and music with a funky lounge vibe and unique interior design inspired by some of the magnificent animals, attributes and energy that make Africa amazing! Zioux manager Dino Constantinou is into technology and knew lighting would be integral to creating the right ambience in the restaurant. He was delighted when DWR specified 18 x Robe moving lights – 12 x LEDBeam 150s and 6 x SPOTEs fitted with wide angle lenses – to help make the atmosphere extra special. Johnny Scholtz headed the project for DWR. “Any lighting in Zioux had to be elegant and appropriate to the space,” explained Johnny, who suggested fixtures with multiple features that would segue harmoniously with the interior visuals and environmental lighting. The LEDBeams and SPOTES are positioned to light the main seating and mingling areas, the DJ booth and to catch the bar and the large chandelier shades above it, adding colour and texturing. Dino wanted full control of the lighting from his cell phone, so Johnny spec’d a Light Shark web‐based app‐controlled interface which runs with an LS‐core box that accommodates two DMX universes. Before that, the lighting was programmed into sequences and looks using a console which were uploaded to the box and can be accessed via the app.

Photos © Louise Stickland


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