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Robe FORTE Fresnel and FORTE PC

Robe’s FORTE® Fresnel and PC washes also utilise the brand’s revolutionary TRANSFERABLE ENGINE technology and this maintains super bright light quality over time, combined with an innovation‐packed high‐output wash luminaire.

Both products deliver powerful, intense washes without losing any theatrical subtlety or control, featuring either the classically soft fresnel beam or the slightly more defined PC beam, they are great for any performance space and application.

The wide‐ranging zoom from 6°‐ 61°(Fresnel) and 5.5°‐ 62° (PC) offers complete even coverage making the FORTE® Fresnel comparable to a traditional 2.5 KW fresnel luminaire.

The new Robe TE™ 1.000W XP (Xtra Performance) White 6.700 K LED Transferable Engine generates an incredible 90.200 lumens to ensure high output for those BIG bold statement washes. Both models output over

41.000 lumens from the front of the fixture, offering amazing power and exceptional beam quality.

These revolutionary self‐referencing, data‐capturing engines are easily changed within five minutes, and are designed, manufactured (and

patented) by Robe. The L70/B50 ratings of 50.000 hours and a 4‐Year, 20.000‐ hour warranty assure longevity and continuity.

The CMY colour mixing system provides buttery smooth colour transitions from the subtlest pastels to the strongest saturates, continuing Robe’s reputation for exceptional colour mixing. Two colour wheels, CRI 80 and 90 filters, plus a variable CTO from 3.000 ‐ 6.700 K ensure there is a full range of colour finesse.

The FORTE® Fresnel has unsurpassed levels of beam control, including medium and light frosts; RotaScrim™ a graduated filter system with position control, +/‐ 180° rotation and edge colour correction; and the rapid 4Door™ internal barndoor system for accurate individual blade control and +/‐ 90° module rotation. This gives maximum flexibility compared to most other large fresnel luminaires.

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