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PROTOS introduces another brand within the PROTOS family. After AEGIS, load measuring systems and ADJUTOR rigging gear, the 3rd brand is called VOYAGER which offers a complete range of state of the art electrical chain hoists designed for the entertainment industry. The range consists of the S, M, L , XL and XXL models, ranging from 250 to 2500KG, D8 lifting capacity. Aside from the S model, all hoists are available in D8+ and BGV‐C1 configuration as well. PROTOS VOYAGER offers a number of unique features tailored to the entertainment and touring industry, all models are rated IP65 for botherless outdoor use under even the most difficult circumstances.

Each hoist, including the XXL (2500Kg) model is single fall, which saves considerable weight while increasing ease of use. Standard lifting speeds are 4 and 8m/min. Power is delivered as 3 phase 200/230/400V and a number of models are also available in single phase 115/230V. Low noise levels (65‐75 dB) make the hoists exceptionally suitable for indoor use. Encoders, additional limit switches and double brakes are available as spares or come mounted in the hoist. VOYAGER offers a standard 3 year warranty period through its service partner network, in addition, the hoist can be equipped for lifting height as required. Full service, repair and re certification is available as well.


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