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Perpetuum Jazzile entertains Robe

Crt Birsa from Slovenian design studio Blackout recently utilised Robe moving lights to realise the raw and edgy lighting aesthetic wanted by Slovenian vocal orchestra Perpetuum Jazzile for a video shoot in Ljubljana.

This video shoot was directed by Rok Maver and took place in the new VPK Mediapark “Media Centre” nightclub in Ljubljana which has just opened.

The Robe elements were 16 FORTES, 28 MegaPointes and 22 Spiiders, all supplied by Ljubljana based rental company Intralite– who just invested in FORTESat the start of the summer which were delivered by Robe’s Slovenian distributor, MK Light Sound. These were all rigged quite closely together on three overhead house trusses and the deck which boosted the intensity and drama of the lighting in relation to the camera angles. Crt also used 36 LED strobes on the rig. The Robe fixtures were all spec’d for their power and multipurpose functionality. Knowing he’d be limited on time, Crt also chose lights with which he was familiar and knew he could achieve the desired end results super quickly.

“I added the 10 MegaPointes per side on the floor to effectively connect lighting together from all corners and angles,” he explained, “but just those 20 MegaPointes alone could produce some brilliant looks,” and these included darting intense shafts of light and texturing onto the floor in between the singers, which, together with the wide pulses of light from the strobes, brought a truly three‐dimensional feel to the space. Eight of the remaining MegaPointes were on the floor on cases at the back behind the band with the FORTES and Spiiders above. Eight Spiiders proved more than enough for key lighting all 36 singers, and another fourteen Spiiders were rigged, seven each, on the two back trusses. The 16 x FORTES were rigged on the two back trusses and used as the main upstage lights for which they were “completely brilliant” for the task enthused Crt, adding, “They are an incredibly smooth luminaire with a beautiful quality of light which is great for any picture.”

Photo © Crt Birsa


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