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Painting With Light reflects mood of Clouseau in Tweesprong with CHAUVET Professional

“This time, I wanted texts that stuck to the ribs,” Koen Wauters told an interviewer when discussing “Tweesprong”, the Dutch‐ language LP recorded by award‐winning band Clouseau. Luc Peumans and his team at Painting With Light have been lighting shows for Clouseau for 25 years, reflecting their evolving sound on stage with richly textured panoramas.

Unfailingly moving in sync with the band, Peumans visually captures the essence of “Tweesprong” with a design that manages to be both bold and inviting to celebrate Clouseau’s return to touring after the pandemic lockdown.

To achieve the looks he envisioned for his client’s return to touring, Peumans is using a kit anchored by a substantial collection of CHAUVVET Professional fixtures supplied by Spendit.

These luminaires include 28 Maverick MK1 Hybrid and 32 Maverick MK Pyxis fixtures, as well as 12 Rogue R2X Wash units, 30 STRIKE P38 blinders, and 82 linear strips (58 EPIX Strip Tour 100s and 24 EPIX Strip Tour 50s).

A key part of that system is a collection of eight Y‐shaped structures. Arranged in an inverted U, the structures frame the drum riser and pull attention to the center of the stage. Each of these structures is made with EPIX strips, and each has Maverick MK Pyxis fixtures position at the three ends of its Y.

There are no video walls in the Clouseau show. Instead, Peumans is relying on a wall of light from his STRIKE P38 fixtures. In addition to delivering a big, bold background, the 90W warm white blinders create plenty opportunities to silhouette the performers. “This is a very dynamic rock and roll show,” said Peumans. “We didn’t want a video wall, because we wanted intense back lighting to define the show. This is more reflective of the spirt of what this was all about.”

Photos © Picturesk

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