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Ontario's CHCH television unveils new state‐of‐the‐art studio with Elation lighting system

CHCH, a television station located in Ontario, Canada, produces unique local news content every week, positioning itself as a prominent news source for Hamilton and the surrounding areas. To enhance its broadcasting capabilities, the station recently inaugurated a versatile studio space and equipped it with broadcast‐optimized lighting from Elation Professional. The lighting solution delivers superior white light suitable for broadcasting purposes and also enables full‐color functionality as required. Aaron McCormack, the lighting designer for CHCH's newly constructed studio, has prior experience working with Elation fixtures from his time at a production company in St. Catharines, Ontario. After finalizing their camera selection (4K resolution), it was determined that approximately 60‐80 foot candles of light on the talent was required. “The KL Panel™ soft light provided the output that we were looking for and the quality of light,” the designer states. “Most of the set is lit with these and we use the Elation KL Fresnel 6 CW™ as key lights to provide depth and also as backlights.” In addition, the team utilized SixBar 1000™ battens to furnish accent lighting around the primary area of the set located behind the two anchors. McCormack emphasized the significance of these battens as they have the flexibility to change color and are incredibly versatile. Also included in the install and used for data distribution are NETRON RDM 6XL™ DMX/RDM splitters from Obsidian Control Systems.


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