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NovaStar takes the lead in xR localization with V2 in Indonesia

The very first xR studio opens on June 17th, 2022 by V2 Indonesia, a subsidiary of PT M Cash Integrasi Tbk. V2 is a long term partner of NovaStar, the collaboration marks its xR step in the South East Asia market.

xR (Extended Reality) is being used in many fields such as film and television production, radio and television program production, product launch, advertising shooting, cultural tourism promotion, MV production and so on. The actual system includes camera, lens tracking system, simulation scene rendering system, LED screen, screen management system, centralized control system, synchronous clock system, and synthesis system. xR revolutionizes the filming process through creation of a rendered background, synced to the filmmakers camera. This real‐time background allows both actor and director to be immersed in the scene during filming.

At the same time, the cost of post‐ production is greatly reduced by the flexible scene building by xR.

V2 presents a new experience of enjoying the latest technologies through the House of Future (HoF). Located at Plaza Indonesia, Level 3, HoF is an Experience Creative Gallery Store for all technology needs, from audio‐visual to future technologies (IoT, AI, VR, XR, AR, Metaverse & Robotics), which can be implemented for users starting from consumers households to corporations.

The xR Stage, one of the LED display rooms in HoF, backed by technology from Disguise, in this space, customers can experience an extended reality (xR) experience that allows them to blend the virtual in a live production environment to create a fully immersive experience.

In addition, the real‐time background of xR allows audience to be immersed in the scene while having a substantial on‐site experience.

Let’s take a look at the xR solution of NovaStar:

Image Booster

The true‐to‐life colors and image bit depth of HDR transform an LED screen into a realistic 3D background on camera, without compromise.


Create huge sets and worlds limited by imagination, not budget. LED screens offer consistent lighting, engaging environments on set, and streamline the lengthy post‐production process.


Create huge sets and worlds limited by imagination, not budget. LED screens offer consistent lighting, engaging environments on set, and streamline the lengthy post‐production process.

Low Latency (sending card mode only)

Low‐latency, fully create a seamless virtual set that synchronizes perfectly with the action for the controller side.


Can clearly display the quick movement usually found in sports videos, solving problems with sticking or stuttering images in fast moving scenes.

Frame Multiplication

From the relationship between camera exposure time and LED display frame rate, we can determine the proper combination of shutter angle and frame rate for the most optimal shooting result. Additionally, our receiving card supports frame multiplication, allowing the expansion of the frame rate for one section of a video which means you can capture different scenes by different cameras in one video. That one could save the cost of post‐production and Personnel labour.

Phase‐Shift Migration (Phase offset )

Controller can perform precise adjustment of phase offset at the nanosecond level. By pairing it with a camera, scan lines can be eliminated.


NovaStar’s proprietary full‐grayscale calibration technology performs multi‐ layers calibration of an LED display, improving brightness and color uniformity, allowing the best image possible on any grayscale level.


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