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NicLen invests in the Cameo OTOS H5, F Series and ZENIT W600 SMD

In 2018, Cameo celebrated its debut in the NicLen GmbH rental park with the ZENIT Series. Since then, Germany’s leading dry hire provider has been adding Cameo products to its line‐up year after year. Now, in addition to the ZENIT W600 and W300 outdoor wash lights and the OPUS Series moving heads, the dry hire range also includes the F Series Fresnel fixtures. And, with investments in OTOS H5 beam spot wash moving heads, NicLen has also recently added Cameo’s new IP65 hybrid highlight to its inventory – the first supplier worldwide to do so. In addition to the OTOS H5, NicLen has completed its portfolio of Cameo F Series products with the F1 Fresnel spotlights and the F2 FC, and it also offers the new ZENIT W600 SMD, an even brighter version of the successful ZENIT outdoor wash lights.

In addition to the aforementioned fixtures, NicLen now offers the FLAT PRO G2 Series of compact LED outdoor spotlights. The dry hire provider has also increased its stock of OPUS SP5 Profile Moving Heads.

“Cameo’s lighting technology portfolio becomes more versatile year after year. The developers keep surprising us with innovative solutions that comprehensively cover the needs of our broad‐based clientele. The new OTOS H5 is definitely the most exciting new development from Cameo in this respect,” explains Jörg Stöppler, who is responsible for the management of NicLen GmbH together with Nico Valasik.

Markus Jahnel, COO of Adam Hall Group, adds: “We are very pleased that NicLen, as one of the largest dry hire providers in Europe, has been relying on our Cameo lighting solutions for several years already. We are excited to see what the future holds, and as to where we will see the different Cameo models in use in the coming months.

With the staging of the AIDA ship launch, the OTOS H5 has already made some pretty big waves!”

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