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NEXO sound brings clarity and punch the iconic Rajadamnern Thai boxing stadium

The iconic Rajadamnern Stadium is one of the two main venues for the popular sport of Muay Thai boxing. The landmark building in Bangkok was completed in 1945 and, after a brief period of government ownership, is operated by the same family‐owned company to this day.

Looking to the future, the latest generation of owners have embarked upon a program of improvements to give spectators an even more exciting experience on the fight nights that take place every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, while also equipping the venue for the television broadcast opportunities available to the sport.

At a launch event to unveil new investments in lighting and large LED screens, the venue asked Mr.Team Productions Co.,Ltd. by Intouch Integration Co.,Ltd. to bring in a sound system for night, at which point the requirement for an upgrade to the permanently installed system became immediately apparent.

“The NEXO Alpha system we used at the launch event sounded very impressive, and soon after the stadium managers asked us to suggest a permanent system that could provide clear commentary for spectators seated in all three tiers, then a full live concert experience when the boxing finishes and the bands come on” reports Fuzion Far East Director Sutat Kohkiat.

Designed using NEXO NS‐1configuration software and installed by localAV technology specialists Mr Team, the new system at the Rajadamnern Stadium comprises of 8 x NEXO P15 point source loudspeakers covering the first and second tiers of the venue, with 12 x NEXOID24s covering the ground floor. Bass extension comes from a stack of 4 x NEXO RS18 subs configured in cardioid mode, located off to the side and out of the way of the high‐traffic areas such as the bar, and amplification and processing are provided by NEXO NXAMP powered controllers.

“The NEXO P+ Series speakers have very high SPL output for their size and, like the ID24s, the option to easily change the HF dispersion really helps to achieve consistent coverage” continues Sutat. “The NEXO system at the Rajadamnern Stadium performs very well for both commentary and music.”


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