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My Chemical Romance return to the stage with Martin Professional lighting solutions

To provide My Chemical Romance with immersive and stylized lighting for their highly‐ anticipated world tour, lighting production house Penlight designed a custom‐built lighting rig featuring Martin MAC Ultra Performance, MAC Quantum Wash, MAC Aura XB and Atomic 3000 fixtures. “For this tour, the band never does the same setlist twice,” said AJ Pen, Founder, Penlight. “And by that I don't mean that they swap some songs around. Literally, with the exception of the first song, they wipe the board clean every night. I think we're up to 55 songs that they've rehearsed and we have programmed, and the set list is only 20 songs long.” With a jagged, asymmetrical design and a washed‐out color palette, the tour’s lighting rig matched the stage’s depiction of dystopian urban decay while also providing the coverage and output needed for stadium‐sized venues. The system most prominently showcases the Martin MAC Ultra Performance, with 36 units used throughout both the trusses and six custom‐built, collapsible ground towers. In addition to the MAC Ultra Performance, Martin Atomic 3000 DMX strobes and MAC Quantum Washes were placed on the hanging trusses. Finally, the rig featured 18 Martin MAC Aura XB, an extra‐bright version of the award‐winning original wash light.


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