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May Day Literary and Arts Evening Gala + Literary Tibet Gloshine's ZM series

From the literary Tibet to the May Day Literary and Arts Evening Gala, two cultural feasts were held in a row, behind which Gloshine Technology's display screens were present. We provided more than 1,000 square meters of LED displays for two events, creating a feast with both literary temperament and lofty aspirations.

"Chinese Dream·Labor Beauty" Celebrates May Day Literary and Arts Evening Gala.

On the evening of April 29, the theatre of the Tibetan Opera Art Centre was filled with singing and dancing and applause, as workers from various industries merrily gather to welcome the arrival of International Labor Day.

The evening gala uses ZM 3.91 Series, with the theme of "Chinese Dream Labor Beauty" and the main line of " Celebrate the 20th CPC National Congress, Great Efforts to Build a New Era of Meritorious Service", closely focusing on the main theme of the times when labor is the most glorious, sublime, greatest and beautiful, and telling the story of workers well with heart and emotion.

The curved and straight configuration of ZM 3.91 Series make the stage display full of vitality, and make the audience feel immersive. The high‐ definition and smooth display screen fully demonstrates the Tibetan people's ambition to forge brilliance through practical work, and enthusiastically eulogizes the spirit of the majority of laborers in the new era who are lack of oxygen but not lack of spirit, Hardworking but not afraid of suffering, and high altitude but realm more higher.

2022 " literary Tibet" National Reading Evening Gala

Wisdom in hold, elegance in mold. And the most important thing is that literary can reach far. The 2022 "literary Tibet" National Reading Evening Gala arrived as scheduled in prime time on the evening of April 23rd.

The evening gala uses ZM 3.91 Series, a unique story‐like display screen, to convey the beauty and persistence,

strength and courage brought by reading to the audience, and enjoys the immersive reading experience.

During the special period affected by the epidemic, Gloshine Technology LED display screen joined hands with Tibet Radio and Television Station to create a magnificent visual feast, which will accompany, warm and grow the audience on World Book Day and enrich their entertainment life.


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