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Maranatha welcomes members with Absen LED screens installed by DWR Distribution

With a history dating all the way back to 1907, Maranatha is a dynamic, contemporary church with a passion to help people reach God’s plan for their lives. Maranatha recently acquired an Absen PL2.9 lite LED curved screen positioned in the church’s entrance foyer and another PL2.9 unit which is being used as a song board in the auditorium, both supplied by DWR Distribution.

Robert Izzett, Keith Pugin and the team from DWR Distribution worked together to neatly install the new units. “LED screens are fantastic tool to share messages, song lyrics, videos, announcements or whatever is required. Absen panels are lightweight, reliable, and deliver bright, high contrast visuals. Absen is backed up by our technical team and workshop when needed,” said Robert.

Keith Pugin designed and oversaw a system for the screen which was manufactured by DWR Distribution. “The design was quite challenging as the screen requires rear access for maintenance, and at the same time the client wanted the screen as close to the wall as possible,” explained Keith. “For this reason the entire structure including the screen, structural support and screen border cladding was fixed to the wall with heavy duty telescopic slides. Each 500mm telescopic slide (five in total), has a safe working load of 440kg at full extension of 1m.” This means the screen can gently be pulled away from the wall, with a person on either side, when maintenance is required. Keith continues, “The other challenge was that the wall surface was not flat and cladded in in stepped stonework, and whenever you are dealing with any curves, it complicates the design even further. To provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance, DWR created a sheet metal cladded border around the entire screen. We were very pleased with the final product and would like to thank Maranatha for being so accommodating and for the wonderful coffee served during the installation!”

The Maranatha technical team have found their way around the new technology. “Our IT and media department did take a couple of days to iron out teething problems and to learn the ropes, but there is huge excitement for the massive step forward,” said Pastor Mark. “What a joy to use tech to advance the Kingdom of God.”


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