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LuxLight and Socialight Creative Lighting Studio chose Martin Professional to illuminate 61 Robinson

To transform the commercial building 61 Robinson into a luxurious office space, LuxLight Pte Ltd, and the lighting consultants involved in this project selected and installed a comprehensive selection of Martin Professional lighting solutions.

Nestled in Singapore’s Central Business District, 61 Robinson is a 20‐story commercial building previously known as Robinson Center. Built in 2000, the building features an art deco‐inspired marble facade ornate classical architecture that provides a distinctive, memorable look.

To modernize and reinvigorate the space, the owners of 61 Robinson wanted to remodel the lobby and convert the fifth‐level parking garage into an office building. These major renovations therefore required a lighting system that both accentuated the structural alterations and complemented the building’s existing features.

To meet these requirements, the LuxLight team and lighting consultants implemented solutions from the Martin Exterior Wash and VC‐Dot Series, as well as P3 Series controllers and software.

With sleek, modern designs, the Exterior Wash 100 and Exterior Wash 200 provide 1,800 lumens and 6,500 lumens, respectively, while also complementing the building’s contemporary aesthetics. Additionally, both lights feature six different beam angle options as well as snoot attachments for a wide range of lighting options, from widespread washes to focused beams.

Along with the Exterior Washes, the installation team utilized Martin VC‐Dot 4 string‐based video lights to ensure versatile and striking LED video effects throughout the space. From facades and backdrops to stage lighting and art installations, the VC Dots provide 61 Robinson with ample creative possibilities thanks to their flexible installation, pixel‐level color control and long working lifespan. For the backend, the Martin P3PowerPort 1000IP with advanced imaging technology offers simple and responsive control of the Dots for bright, impactful visuals that translate both indoors and outside.

Finally, Martin P3 System Controllers offer several ways to manipulate the light fixtures that cover 61 Robinson’s marble facade. The P3 System Controllers feature advanced calibration and color‐matching between fixture types, which offer a wider range of visual possibilities.

Overall, the resulting system delivered optimal lighting and enhanced the building’s beautiful roof design. Both the dynamic effects and easy‐to‐use controls granted 61 Robinson staff the freedom to change the building’s appearance for special events or festive occasions.

A spokesperson from 61 Robinson thanked the installation team for their inventiveness and care during the project from start to finish. The project owners are thrilled with the cutting‐ edge lighting solutions from Martin Professional and the creative potential they provide, thanks to their ease of use and versatility.

“61 Robinson now boasts an iconic facade with visually appealing lighting effects, boosting the nighttime view of Singapore’s downtown area,” said Amar Subash, Director, Channel Management and Audio Solutions, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “We would like to thank LuxLight Pte Ltd and Socialight Creative Lighting Studio for the opportunity to collaborate on this very iconic project.”


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