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LPS Production invests in IP65‐rated Ayrton Perseo Beams for peace of mind

LPS Production in Miami Lakes, Florida has invested in more than 60 Ayrton Perseo Beam fixtures, the first compact, waterproof multi‐function beam effect LED luminaires. LPS offers a full range of live show and event production services, professional‐ grade equipment rentals, the latest in event technologies and a dedicated team experienced in some of the most demanding production environments. ACT Entertainment is the exclusive distributor of Ayrton lighting in North America. “We needed a powerful fixture for outdoor use since the majority of shows we do here in south Florida are outdoors,” says LPS Owner, Jose Laria. “We initially added the Perseo Beams to our rental inventory then, having seen them at work, we’ve decided to phase out some of our other fixtures and acquire more Perseo Beams in the short term. We also plan to look at bigger Ayrton fixtures in the future.”

“We’re always looking at fixtures when we go to trade shows, and we ask for input from lighting designers and production managers who will be deploying our fixtures,” notes Juan Ugas, General Manager of LPS. “Bradley Cronenwett at ACT is always on top of things and showed us the Ayrton product line; we’d never seen Ayrton IP65‐rated fixtures. He told us there was no better demo than using the Perseo Beams, so we tried them on an actual show and everyone liked them. That sealed the deal.”

The Perseo Beams offered a number of attractive features, according to Ugas. “They are camera‐friendly with no flickering, which is a plus for our broadcast work,” he says. “They also have rich colors and good color mixing: A lot of designers and programmers have commented on the quality of the colors. And the IP65 rating is a big benefit in south Florida where we have great weather but also a lot of humidity and showers that can catch you by surprise. IP65‐rated fixtures are a real time saver to use and a definite stress reliever for clients. They know that no matter what happens, they don’t have to worry about the lighting!”

The Perseo Beams proved themselves right off the bat during Florida’s monster 2022 hurricane season. “One of the first times we used the fixtures was for the Electric Daisy Carnival in Orlando in November when Hurricane Nicole came through,” Ugas recalls. “All the production companies on site has taken away their gear when the

hurricane threatened, but we felt confident about the Perseo Beams in our rig. They rode out the storm, and the next day we turned them on and they were up and running. The show promoter was really happy that we were the only stage ready when they opened their doors.” He adds that, “all of the lighting designers and production people for the various artists were very pleased with the Perseo Beams as well.”


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