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KV2 welcomes students from the ITE in Singapore for factory tour and demo program

Students and lecturers from the ITE Nitec in Electrical Technology (Lighting & Sound) course recently enjoyed a full factory tour and demo program at KV2’s headquarters in Milevsko, Czech as part of a trip that included a visit to the ROBE factory and the Prague Quadrennial festival – in whichKV2 participated via the Sound Kitchen– and then a visit to Sennheiser in Berlin.

The Nitec (National Institute of Technical Education Certificate) in Electrical Technology (Lighting & Sound)is an engineering‐centered, practical course that teaches students the fundamental skills required to produce live shows for a broad range of entertainment industry applications, both physically and virtually. The trip

to Czech was a perfect opportunity for the students to gain first‐hand experience of how KV2’s loudspeakers are developed and built, and then to hear the results of these processes with live demos.

KV2’s Sales Director for Asia, Robert Adrian, who was responsible for organising the KV2 visit, was very

pleased with the outcome, and in particular the students’ reactions to what they saw and heard.

“Our Technical Projects Director, Andy Austin‐Brown, conducted all the demos and gave the students a lot of insight into the principles that govern KV2’s vision of audio and what makes great sound. It was pretty intensive, but judging by the number of questions he was asked and the discussions they provoked, the students clearly had a great time."

“KV2isveryparticularabout everything that goes into their products,” says Ng Jing Kai Tim, one of the students who participated in the visit. “Components are carefully selected for each loudspeaker according to the application. We learned to ‘trust our ears’– there is no ‘best’ loudspeaker for all applications.”

Wong Chee Hong was also impressed by what he saw. “KV2 builds their loudspeakers according to their vision, which is unique. Each loudspeaker is then fully tested to ensure it meets their exacting requirements.”

“It’s always a pleasure to show students around our facility, especially when they truly engage with us,” says Austin‐Brown. “ We’re talking to the engineers and technicians of tomorrow, and it’s wonderful to be able to transmit our passion for audio and for building the highest quality products possible to the next generation.”

The visit concluded with a short presentation where each of the Students and their Lecturers was awarded with a certificate of participation.


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