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ISLE 2024 is a bright success for the future of LED

ISLE 2024, Asia's biggest exhibition for Smart Screen Display, Audio‐Visual, System Integration and LED, was held from February 29th to March 2nd in Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Shenzhen World).

Shenzhen is a celebrated industry hub for display (especially LED display), and ISLE 2024 is within 30 minutes' drive to most of China's major LED factories. Converging complete industrial chain in display & integrated system, ISLE brings global buyers to latest products, easy factory research, networking opportunities at the one‐stop platform.

ISLE 2024 hosted more than 1000 online and offline exhibitors, demonstrating AI‐assisted display, XR, 4K and 8K Micro‐ LED, naked‐eye 3D display, transparent Mini LED, 5G AV‐over‐IP applications, remote conferencing and streaming, live events, interactive display, digital signage, digital content creation and management with 80,000 square meters exhibition area.

For the 3‐day event, the well‐known brands displayed their products and solutions, including Leyard, Unilumin, Absen, LianTronics, Ledman, AOTO, BOE, Skyworth, Cedar, Novastar and MAXHUB. The rental giant Gloshine, together with dozens of stage‐show companies, will deliver a visual marvel through digital creativity and immersive experiences. Hundreds of new and innovative products had made their debut in ISLE 2024.

The ISLE 2024 organizer staged dozens of forums and workshops in the fields of virtual cinematography, XR broadcasting, IOT display, smart city, data fusion, big data display application.

In ISLE 2024, there are some features in the products & solutions on site:

The mini/micro display era has come

Most of the LED display companies has COB/MIP products, making mini/micro display mainstream. For example, Leyard 8K Micro LED, Unilumin Upanel Micro 0.6, Absen Micro LED P0.9, LianTronics Vmicro COB P0.7 & MIP P0.9, LEDMAN 8K P 0.4‐0.7 Micro LED

UHD Energy‐saving Cold Screen, AOTO P 0.3 LED, became the most visited products in each companies’ booth.

Scenario applications attracted much attention and the competition for segmented tracks became intense

There were multiple creative display applications on ISLE 2024. With the technology development of display, and the fast drop in unit price, the use of

LED in XR virtual production, naked‐eye 3D, special‐shaped display screen, rental display, transparent display, flexible screen, have become ever‐ wider.

The all‐in‐ one display machine become hotter

Big hits like LEDMAN 163‐inch Micro‐LED video wall, Skyworth 138‐inch SCOB super all‐in‐ one machine, Cedar 165‐ inch 8K HD home theater, attracted much attention with their product innovations.

Deeper fusion of “AV + Industry”

With the wide use of 5G and wide application of 4K/8K HD, the Audio‐

visual industry has wide integration and fusion with other industry. Technology like AI aid, VA/AR, digital broadcaster, have been widely used in live show, game broadcasting, press conference, digital exhibition, etc.

The organizer has announced ISLE 2025 to be held in Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Shenzhen World) from March 7‐9, 2025.



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