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Innovative Display Solutions: YES TECH's MG7S Cube and Mnano II Series

YES TECH's Latest Addition to the MG Series: The MG7S Cube

YES TECH, a leading display application service provider, has launched its newest addition to the MG series,

the MG7S Cube.

The MG series has a proven track record of versatility and universality, having created countless amazing stages. With seamless splicing, the MG7S Cube offers vivid visuals and countless design possibilities, redefining stage performance with its revolutionary design.

Unlimited Creativity

The MG7S Cube improves upon the traditional screen of the MG7S series with its patented connector, allowing for splicing with creative extension series. This innovative feature enables various shapes to be created, such as numbers and letters, providing a sense of space with a more diverse stage shape, thereby unlocking unlimited creativity.

Reliable Load‐bearing Capacity

The MG7S Cube cabinet has super tension, making it ideal for high scene applications. With a linear secondary adhesion process, the thrust of lamp beads is increased by 100%, which is three times that of conventional products. For more interactive effects, adding an inductive coil under the mask will work better. Its load‐bearing capacity is unmatched.

Multi‐scene Applications

The MG7S Cube series is able to withstand both low temperatures for the Beijing Winter Olympics and high temperatures for the Dubai World Expo, with its protection level reaching IP65. Its strong environmental adaptability fully meets the needs of indoor and outdoor use, making it perfect for all‐scene applications.

YES TECH's Mnano II Series of Small Pitch Products

In addition to the MG7S Cube, YES TECH has also launched its Mnano II series of small pitch products.

The Mnano II series utilizes full flip‐chip COB technology, which has become the current mainstream technology, leading the development of the display industry.

The technology has several performance advantages, including low temperature rise, low power dissipation, uniform heat dissipation, cold screen touch, and ink color long‐ term consistent advantage.

High Uniformity Ink Color

Performance Advantages

The Mnano II series boasts several performance advantages, such as high uniformity ink color, good viewing experience, delicate display with restored natural colors, cool screen, and an extended lifespan.

Its six‐dimensional protection fully guarantees its reliability, with a light board protection level of up to IP54, panel hardness of 4H, and six‐ dimensional protection against moisture, dust, fingerprints, static, collision, and oxidation.

Future Perspectives

The full flip‐flop COB LED display technology will turn into a popular technology field in LED display. YES TECH will meet with you at Booth 12‐39 in Live Entertainment Expo 2023 to bring more excitement. See you on Jun.28‐30,2023!



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