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INFiLED DB series screen for seminar presentations at the Yangtze Delta Region Institute

In May 2023, INFiLED built a 10‐ square‐meter DB series screen for the Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University in Zhejiang. This high‐definition screen was installed in a seminar room of the institute to present research topics for researchers to watch and discuss together.

Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University is an institution dedicated to technological innovation and has 8 provincial first‐class research and development platforms. Formerly, it used equipment such as TVs and projectors to display research content, but these two have their shortcomings, the former is not large enough, and the latter has insufficient brightness.

Therefore, the institution chose the DB series LED screen when updating the display solution of one of its seminar rooms.

In terms of screen size, the DB series screen was customized to the size required by the institution. Since each cabinet of this series had a size of 500*500*75.5mm and a weight of only 8.8kg, large indoor screens can be built without much laborious installation work. The ten‐square‐meter screen installed in the seminar room ensured that the information displayed on the screen was seen by everyone in the room.

Moreover, with a pixel pitch of merely 2.6mm,the screen performed well in the clarity of content presentation; besides, it also featured a high contrast ratio of 5000:1and 14‐bit greyscale, which can display vivid and smooth color gradients. By the characteristics of high‐definition and accurate color rendering, this quality screen played a role in the institution’s topic research display.

About DB series

DB series, a product designed for indoor applications, can be used in showrooms, virtual filming studios, live broadcast studios, and so on. It has a horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 160 degrees, and a refresh rate of 3840Hz, showing excellent playback effects. In addition, this series of screens also support being made into a curved screen, reaching an angle of ±5 degrees.

About INFiLED INFiLED is an international high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D and manufacturing of large-scale LED displays. INFiLED's products were exported to 87 countries and applied in various fields including DOOH, live events, sports, retail, corporate, and so on. Focusing on innovation and improvement, INFiLED is striving to be the best in the LED screen industry to enlighten the world with a visual feast.

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