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Impeccable sound by NEXO meets fine dining at GU Bistronomy in Vietnam

Born of a passion for fine wine and the culinary arts, GU Bistronomy provides an impeccable fine dining experience to customers in the Thanh Xuan District of Hanoi, Vietnam.

This uncompromising approachis extended to the choice of sound system at GU, with owners determined that sound quality should match the same high standards as other important areas of the customeroffering, and that speakers should complement the sumptuous interior design of the restaurant, rather than detracting

from it.

For local audio technology specialists Pro Sound, this meant installing a system based around NEXO’s ultra‐ compact ID14 speakers, with cabinets finished in the same red used as an accent colour on soft furnishings throughout the venue.

Employing a custom‐designed 4‐inch coaxial driver and a 1.4″ diaphragm HF motor, the ID14 delivers smooth, clean sound and impressive power from a cabinet measuring just 130mm wide, 130mm high and 120mm front to back.

To ensure maximum versatility, the ID14 can be specified with either 100° x 100° or 90° x 140° HF dispersion.

In a systemdesigned in collaboration with the team at NEXO distributor Bao Duong Co using NS‐1 software to predict SPL and frequency coverage, a total of 14x ID14s are deployed, supplemented by 6 x ID84s,4 x ePS10s and pairsof NEXO ePS6 and PS8. Bass extension comes from 5 x NEXO eLS400and 2 x eLS600 subs, with amplification and processing supplied by a rack of 7 x NEXO NXAMPMk2 powered controllers.

“ID14 is the perfect loudspeaker for a high‐end hospitality venue like GU ”comments ProSound owner and Managing Director Mr Trung. “Guests enjoy pristine, full range sound with consistent SPL coverage, which helps to create are laxed vibe in the room without filling it full of ugly boxes.”



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