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Immersive theatre production with LD Systems CURV 500 at Sejong Center in Seoul

The experimental stage of the Sejong Performing Arts Centre in the Korean capital, Seoul, was transformed into a large garden. The occasion was the “In This Garden We Loved” play, which also placed the audience acoustically in the middle of the stage set with its immersive audio sound system. For the all‐round sound reinforcement, the project integrator – Sonic Value – relied on an LD Systems CURV 500 system.

“We wanted to give the audience the feeling that they are actually in a garden during the play,” explains director Oh Kyeong‐taek. Working closely with the artistic direction team on the play, the Sonic Value team – led by Senior Engineer Hyunchul Yoon – designed an immersive setup based on 60 CURV 500 satellites. Five flown CURV 500 TS arrays, each consisting of two S2 array satellites and two D SAT duplex satellites, served as the main system.

To the sides, six CURV 500 D SAT duplex satellites each were used on two levels – flown on the bottom level, and on tripods on the top. The immersive setup was completed by six CURV 500 D SAT positioned behind the back row of audience members. For the front rows of the audience, Sonic Value also placed five Stinger 10 A G3 loudspeakers as near fills lying at the front edge of the stage.

For Hyunchul Yoon, the challenge of an immersive theatre sound system is not only the sound quality of the audio system used, but also – and perhaps most importantly – the interaction of the numerous loudspeaker components to create an immersive sound image in the room. “The CURV 500 system absolutely convinced us with its precise sound dispersion. With its three tweeters, each CURV 500 satellite already forms its own array with crystal‐clear sound. In combination with all the speakers together, the CURV 500 system also allows for clean handling of the dispersion angles and thus a clean sound image.”

In addition to the sound quality, the compact size of the CURV 500 also provides more room for manoeuvre in terms of integration into the room and stage design – a decisive reason why Sonic Value was able to convince those responsible at the Sejong Centre to use the CURV 500 system in the first meetings. Hyunchul Yoon says: “With another loudspeaker system, the implementation would definitely have been more difficult.”


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