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Hippotizer drives huge LED screen for prominent Egyptian performer Mohamed Ramadan

Green Hippo’s Taiga and Karst+ were the media servers of choice for man‐of‐ the‐moment Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan, whose recent outdoor performance on Egypt’s North Coast saw 85,000 fans gather for what the singer described as “the largest audience attendance in 2021.”

To entertain the masses, the region’s largest ever scaffolding stage was erected, measuring 45m wide and 20m high, for a concert that commanded serious attention to detail, with the visuals quite literally taking centre stage among 800 lighting fixtures, pyrotechnics and special effects. The structure was built by event rental partner Hi‐Lights Group, which also supplied the 900 sq.m of LED video wall that displayed bespoke graphics on an impressive 4K video display with a total of 230,400 pixels.

Hi‐Lights Group utilised two Hippotizer V4 Taiga and four Hippotizer V4 Karst+ Media Servers, with an output splitter.

For accurate programming and fast performance, the video team used Hippotizer’s version 4.5.5 software. Fathy Hussien Hedia, Technical & Operation Manager at Hi‐Lights Group, comments: “Mohamed Ramadan’s concert was the region’s largest outdoor event of 2021 and we had a great experience working with Green Hippo’s technologies on the production.

We’ve been using their products for a long time and trust their abilities completely. Green Hippo products are very versatile and easy to use, which encourages technicians to bring out the best results possible.”

Photos © Hi-Lights Group

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