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Hercules strength for Cool Music Productions

For three years, the Hercules 8, a front‐loading lifting tower by FENIX used for lifting line array systems, trussing and LED screens, sat patiently in DWR Distribution’s store. With the entertainment industry finally picking up pace after the pandemic, two units have found their home at Cool Music Productions and have started earning their keep!

Cool Music Productions (CMP) is a family run business founded by Jurie Kruger in 1997. With an emphasis on personal service to their longstanding clients, the tight‐knit crew is headed by Jurie’s son Roelof who is also the company’s technical director. Roelof started helping on events at the age of 14 and soon fell in love with the industry. The company has adapted from one decade to the next, surviving the pandemic while providing services ranging from live sound, studio work, virtual and hybrid events, videoediting, filming, and live streaming. The reward has been a busy event calendar!

CMP supplies gear that includes two stage roof structures, indoor and outdoor PA, lighting, AV, laser projectors, cameras, JIB, Steady Cam, 2 NewTeck TriCasters.

With years of experience in the event industry, Jurie saw the potential of the Hercules 8 lifting tower.

“We had a need to fly our PA higher, particularly for our small 6 x 4 outdoor stage,” said Jurie Kruger. “After a lot of research, we realised that the FENIX tower would cater for all our needs, and with the correct technical advice from Jaco Beukes at DWR, were able to put the units to the test at a recent music show hosted at a school in Balfour. The towers seriously drew attention! They look amazing, are really easy to use and added the touch we needed for our stage. An added benefit is that we can drop the height within minutes and we are glad we made the decision to buy the Fenix Hercules 8 towers.”

DWR become the official FENIX agent in May 2019, and less than a year later, saw the industry take a severe knock during the Covid‐19 pandemic. “Thank you very much to Cool Music Productions who are the first in South Africa to purchase the Hercules 8, the largest lifting tower in the FENIX range,” said Jaco Beukes of DWR.

“We’ve had a couple of demos at DWR’s office where we’ve used the Hercules to position a PA in the air. I believe that once people experience the pure joy of using this product there will be no turning back. In an industry where budgets are restricted and set up time is usually governed by budget, FENIX raises the bar effortlessly and quickly to the right position, saving time and minimizing the cost required for additional crew. There is now no need to hire a structure to raise the PA, nor the related building time or hassle of having motors… all of which is repeated at the strike of an event. This is a phenomenal product.”

The Hercules 8 has a maximum height of 8m and a maximum load of 300kg.

Top left photo shows Roelof and Jurie Kruger from Cool Music Productions with their new FENIX Hercules 8 front-loading lifting tower. Pictured with them is DWR’s Jaco Beukes (far left)


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