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GLP supports the Opening Ceremony of the Special Olympics World Games in Berlin

The Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 is taking place from 17 – 25 June for the first time in Germany under the motto ‘Unbeatable together’. Against the backdrop of the legendary Olympic Stadium, a 360° light show was required that would require numerous camera angles and the use of a Spidercam. As lighting designer and light setti ng cameraman (on behalf of phase7 performing.arts), Flo Erdmann was responsible for stage lighting the opening ceremony in the Berlin Olympic Stadium. More than 300 GLP moving lights, including over 100 each of the impression X5 and impression X5 IP Bar – some supplied directly by GLP as part of a sponsorship – supported the event. The technical service provider was POOLgroup GmbH. For the opening ceremony, Flo Erdmann specified a total of 120 GLP impression X5 washlights, 138 impression X5 IP Bars and 80 HIGHLANDER washes. Without a stage rig, only the fixtures in the stadium itself could be adjusted. The 120 impression X5 Washlights were installed at constant intervals around the railings behind the first upper tier, from where they served as spots and backlight for the audience. "The output and colour mixing of both X5 models was simply excellent – both in the white light range and in the colours," praises the designer.

Photo © Manfred H. Vogel


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