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GLP impression X5 Compact

With 7 powerful 40 Watt RGBL LED’s to give an incredible output with increased color gamut

With the release of the impression X5 wash light, German manufacturer GLP – German Light Products provided one of the most high‐profile product launches of the past year. Since then, designers around the world have praised the outstanding colour quality and colour mixing with the special GLP Lime, as well as the excellent output across the entire colour spectrum.

At this year's Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt (25–28 April), GLP showcased various extensions to the series at their booth. As different as the devices are, they all share the unique X5 features. In addition, they can be seamlessly combined with each other to help users achieve even greater consistency in terms of colours and white light.

In the winter of 2022/2023, the impression X5 Compact was launched as the first addition to the series.

  • The GLP impression X5 Compact uses 7 powerful 40 Watt RGBL LED’s to give an incredible output with increased color gamut.

  • GLP’s new iQ.Gamut calibration algorithm ensures the impression X5 Compact creates clean white points with CRI 90 at 6,500 K and the ability to switch to other fixed color temperatures instantly, all calibrated exactly to the black body line.

  • With new super‐fast zoom mechanics, the impression X5 Compact offers a 16:1 range running from 3.5° to 60° with homogenous light distribution across its entire range.

  • A new front face with a circular design offers a fresh modern look, a round aperature and has been designed to include geometric patterns for great looking Pixel mapping effects.

  • The impression X5 Compact comes with an extensive feature package, including a virtual color wheel with 64 referenced LEE Filters, a new Color Quality Control, Magenta / Green Correction, a Tungsten Simulation and Effect Channel and a double layer effect option.

  • Featuring GLP’s trademark baseless design, the impression X5 Compact weighs just 7.5 kg / 16.6 lbs. Its design also allows static front accessories to be attached.

  • The impression X5 Compact can be controlled via DMX, ArtNet or sACN and can be set up using Near Field Control.

Click the link to find more information at‐x5‐compact?parent=0

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