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GLP impression FR10 Bar provides dynamic floor package for Jessie J

When lighting and set designer Morgan Evans was about to embark on his first tour with Jessie J, he chose a floor package largely based around GLP’s versatile impression FR10 Bar, each metre‐long batten containing 10 powerful 60 W RGBW LED sources. Since venues have ranged from club shows, such as KOKO in north London, to big outdoor festivals, the scalability of the FR10 Bars has offered a further benefit. “The floor package is so strong that it doesn’t really matter what the overhead is, we are not dependent on that at all,” says the LD. In fact, the 1,410‐capacity KOKO had been the smallest venue they had played and required half the normal floor production.

Consequently, the FR10 Bar complement was split in half, with those fixtures not used duly repurposed to the front of the stage. This made sure that everything was fully utilised. Morgan Evans sourced his impression FR10 Bars from Neg Earth, who were the lighting vendor for the tour. The fixtures are programmed in full pixel mode on a grandMA3, providing individual pixel control.


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