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GlasGLOWs in the dark with Robe i‐Series

The fourth GlasGLOW event opened hearts and minds as people engaged with the fun and imaginative light art presented by this stunning Itison illuminated trail concept in Glasgow Botanical Gardens. Two kilometres of lighting, set pieces and narrative magic energised the dark winter evenings, and lighting designer Grant Anderson chose Robe iPointes and iSpiiders to help ramp up the drama for central installation and finale.

Grant had used iPointes for 2020’s GlasGLOW3 event, and was delighted with the results, so he spec’d the fixtures again to create impressive searchlight beam effects blasting through the air around the finale lighting composition, a large area involving the main lawns transformed into an ocean of pixel dots which was traversed by guests via a central walkway. The iSpiiders were used in this same area, horizontally beaming across the lawns as they came alive with animated, colour changing, chasing pixels.

Grant utilised over 2000 different lighting fixtures – more if you count the pixel dots – on the entire project which was spread out across the Botanical Gardens, all controlled via two grandMA2 consoles programmed by Lawrence Stromski in a very well organised FOH cabin. Two areas of the trail were running a timecoded show and the rest of the lighting effects and scenes were MIDI triggered via the soundtrack.

All the lighting equipment was supplied by Encore, project managed for them by Adrian Searle and Stephen Reid. Grant comments that their service and attention to detail was “excellent as always”.

Photos © Louise Stickland


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