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Giant LED spherical screens amaze the world, Unilumin ignited Riyadh Season 2022 in Saudi Arabia

The MSG Sphere, the world’s largest spherical entertainment venue, lit up its spectacular LED screens for the first time at its Fourth of July celebration in 2023. It is said that this LED spherical screen has a capacity of 20,000 people, including 17,600 seats and a further 2,400standingspacesso that it can host live entertainment and concerts while showcasing a wide range of visual content across its exterior.

It is reported that Unilumin Group also built a large LED spherical screen in 2022,amazing the world. In the Riyadh Season 2022, Unilumin independently created a spherical LED screen with 35‐meter diameter, breaking the 2022 Guinness World Record. Unlike any flat or angled display system, every LED spherical screen is customized based on its diameter and inner structure. In this project, Unilumin has provided a complete integrated solution for the LED spherical screen, including project creative design, large‐scale outdoor steel structure design, customized LED screen modules, programmable digital control system and software, spherical digital creative content, etc.,

This spherical screens is not only an stunning aesthetic artwork but also a functional scene that can host entertainments. The sphere exterior was illuminated every day and night with immersive digital contents, attracting tourists from all over the world. Furthermore, inside the spherical screens, it can be used as a venue for catering, live music, immersive experiences in cinema and performance, etc. ,which support thousands of jobs and deliver billions of pounds of economic benefit for Saudi Arabia. Now it has become

the new commercial landmark for Saudi Arabia's.

Combined with art and entertainment, business, catering and other forms in the city, Unilumin built a truly immersive entertainment space in the city, which provided a new idea for the creation and efficient operation of LED spherical screen.

In addition to the spherical screens, Unilumin provided a total of more than 10,000 square meters of LED ceiling screens, outdoor high‐definition, creative digital contents and software control systems for the Riyadh Season 2022 project.

Through immersive digital content and viewing experiences, people can enjoy different cultures of China, the United States, France, Japan, Greece and other countries and regions in the Boulevard World park .

Actually, the cooperation between Unilumin and Saudi Arabia can date from Riyadh Season2021. Unilumin has supplied nearly 7,000 square meters of LED high‐definition outdoor displays and creative contents for Riyadh Season 2021 project, which helped Saudi Arabia transform to the future science and technology economy.

According to Saudi Arabia's state news agency, relying on the immersive experiences created by LED Metasight technology, Riyadh Season has cumulatively attracted 30 million tourists from all over the world and created 335,000 jobs, which created unimaginable commercial and social value.

As the representative of Chinese enterprise, Unilumin will continuously contribute China’s technology and wisdom to the world.


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