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Exciting times ahead for EPH Group as they light up with new Robe LEDBeam350s

Leon Pheiffer, the driving force behind EPH Group, is all smiles as business begins to bounce back. In a move signalling optimism and growth, the company recently invested in twelve Robe Lighting LEDBeam 350s from DWR Distribution. "Let's be real, Covid knocked us all sideways," Leon shares candidly. "But 2023 felt like a reassuring pat on the back—a reminder that we're still standing. Although the year was not all guns blazing, it was definitely a ‘We’re back” moment.” EPH Group's existing line up of Robe LEDBeam 1000 wash and Robe 600 Wash fixtures has been putting in the hard hours, and it was time for a refresh. The LEDBeam 350s ticked all the boxes, as Leon says a true all‐ rounder, offering versatility and performance that perfectly complemented their setup.

“It not only upgrades our whole lighting rig but fills a few gaps for us too,” he comments.

"You can use them anywhere in a rig as a wash, beam, zoom or back wash. I just love them! Thank you to DWR for great service and support and here’s hoping for Painte’s later this year.” Duncan Riley, representing DWR Distribution, shares in the excitement. "It has been a wild ride, but seeing the industry bounce back has been truly rewarding. We're thrilled for EPH Group's success and grateful for their continued partnership. Here's to many more bright moments ahead! Thank you Leon for your support."


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